I’ve had this idea since last year. When I discussed it with two of my friends they were supportive.  I was anxious to get started. But then I chickened out.  Even as I write this I’m having second thoughts.

It’s a delicate subject full of emotions and memories.
But these are some of the reasons why I have decided to start this project:

  1. I’ve noticed many of the roadside memorials I’ve grown accustomed to have disappeared due to urban development.  I don’t want those spots where memorials were placed to be forgotten.
  1. Someone chose to place a roadside memorial in a public place—often a name and date are included. While the mourning and coping is a private matter—the roadside memorial is a public display.
  1. It’s easy to pass the memorials by without noticing them or giving them a second thought. But someone passed away there.  That has meaning.  I want to show respect for the deceased and the loved ones they leave behind.

Even before I started this blog, I usually make a mental note of where I am when I see a roadside memorial.  Then I try to locate the news story associated with it.  It makes me think about the fragility of life.

The take-away from this:  Life can change in an instant.  Be grateful every time you make it to your destination and back.